Question How does the installation of fire extinguisher stickers work?
AnswerThe installation of the label is very simple. After having degreased your fire extinguisher, just take your time to stick the label. We suggest that you first apply the label without removing the backing film that serves as protection. Use a pencil to make a few marks of landmarks in order to have a guide before sticking the label.
Question How to make sure that my fire extinguisher is red, without any technical indication?
AnswerThere are many possibilities. If your fire extinguisher has stickers on it, just remove them and use a product that removes the glue residue. If the text is printed in white on your extinguisher, you can gently use acetone to remove the white color. Finally, if you want a nice uniform fire extinguisher, you can buy a small bomb of red color at $ 7 and repaint it. It takes very little time and the result is optimal.